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   Allison R. Power is an energetic animator from Cherry Valley, Massachusetts. She works primarily in stop-motion but is also familiar with 2D animation and has much experience in live action filmmaking. She also enjoys creating experimental mixed media works, usually incorporate a blend of both live action and animation.


Her inspirations range from the vivid imagery of the Yellow Submarine to the twisted visuals of City of Lost Children and The Nightmare Before Christmas. She also passionately loves the classic silent film era, including films like The Cabaret of Dr. Caligari and Modern Times.

She has studied film and theater at Marlboro College in Vermont and graduated with an animation degree from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. Her work has played at the BAM! film festival, Cinema Steamboat film festival, and the Worcester Film Wars.

When she is not at work animating, she also enjoys drawing, fishing, hiking in the woods, and spending time with friends and family.

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